Partners for Good

Partnering objectives

Ethical Harvest aims to build strategic partnerships with organisations that require high value products that can be sourced from agricultural enterprises in developing countries.
Our aim is to create local agricultural industries in the developing world particularly in areas with high levels of poverty. Our aim is to use these sustainable businesses to drive economic development at the community level. For us, sustainability means creating viable local economies that improve environmental and social outcomes for poor communities.

How it works

Mobilising expertise
Ethical Harvest brings together skills in on-ground delivery in the developing world working with the local Government and community. Through business establishment and local operations we achieve community development with the people in those communities. Ethical Harvest is lucky to have support from a range of organisations committed to alleviating Third World poverty and creating sustainable agriculture.

Seeking commercial partners
We seek partners who require high-value agricultural products that can be sourced from developing countries. These partners provide process and specific agricultural expertise and can guarantee viable and fair markets for produce and materials.

Developing communities
Our people are experienced in successfully delivering community development projects in the Philippines. A sustainable community development model (HEALS) delivers improved quality of life for the people in the community. The model is funded through the introduction of agricultural businesses that fund growth and development.